Playlists... can they be worked on?

The playlist is where my Volumio experience falls to the ground. Yes, I can create playlists and look at them, but that’s all I can do. I can’t load and play them, I can’t modify them, they’re obviously lists but nothing useful. Could someone spend some time on them, please?


I totally agree - it has been a weakness from day one.

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Can’t import from anything, can’t export from volumio, require a subscription(!) to sync between machines on the same network, …

trying to just play a playlist the other night was a frustrating experience.


There is a long standing bug too, with a playlist of web radios: clear & play all: the radio names in the queue are all “undefined” whereas when individually added to the queue the names are correctly displayed.

I totally agree, it is very annoying

Thanks guys, we are looking at it

While you are looking at the playlists, very large playlist (5K items) are very slow to load. I wrote a python workaround to load a random element from the (json) playlist and start playing immediately, then load the rest of the list while the first song is playing. That works very well and a good user experience. I implemented for all playlists regardless of size.

Might sound like a stupid question, but… How do you create a playlist of Radio Stations?

Nevermind, found out how… And fixed it.
We did not consider people can save the queue as playlist, and there’s where this inconsistency came from

Thanks volumio. I have 4 or so favorite radio stations. The playlist seems like the most efficient way to get all 4 back into the queue from where they can be selected as desired if the queue has otherwise been cleared.

Gotcha, I must admit it’s actually very comfy!