Playlist songs’s titles are filename instead of Title's Tag [solved]


Fisrt, thank you for your great work !! i discovered Volumio few days ago and it is great !!!

i see that the songs’s titles displayed in the Playlist are the filenames. I presume it should be the songs titles tag present in the files.

Exemple :
Song file : 01 Twice_As_Hard.flac
Title tag : Twice As Hard
The title displayed is the playlist is “01 Twice_As_Hard” instead of “Twice As Hard”

More surprising :
Song file : 07-billy_idol-hole_in_the_wall.flac
Title tag : Hole In The Wall
The title displayed is the playlist is “hole_in_the_wall”

So it is not a single rule for extract name files.

Thank you

Are there any tags present in the FLAC files?

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Yes, and they appear correctly in album section, and when track is playing

I thought it’s the updated MPD that’s causing the issue, but just tested and the title, album and artist show up fine whether in a playlist or the queue…

Thank you for your help.
The playlist has been created few days ago, before MPD update. But i just realised i had created them with a script from there : GitHub - zafodtom/random-playlist: Python script for Volumio to generate random songs playlists..
I have just tried to create manually another one and there is no issue… I have to try again that script which is probably at the origin of that issue, or maybe i have launched it during library update. I put “solved” tag to that topic, it is not volumio bug.

EDIT : Confirmation, i look at the script random-playlist, it takes directory and filename to create the random playlist.