playlist & shutdown problem

I’m using RPI with Volumio 1.4 in my car as a stanalone audio player.
It is set up as a wi fi hotspot and I control it from my symbian smartphone using qmobilempd.
The power supply is pretty straight forward and there is no any shutdown process for RPI when I turn the power off.

So, the problem is that playlist status changed with MPD client is not saved after power shutdown and next startup. I can even create a new playlist and start it’s playback but after RPI restart it plays with old playlist.

Sometimes “update mpd database” command issued from mpd client helps but not always. I suspect this is a problem of the write buffer for SD card so when I suddenly power off the RPI, the buffer is not flushed to the SD card.
I may be mistaken though.
Is there any workaround for this? (I don’t really want to do a power shutdown controller). some sort of regular buffer flushing ?


Looks like I tracked down the problem:

Playlist is stored in MPD state file (file location is specified in mpd.conf)

The problem is that in Volumio 1.4 it gets updated only when seeing reboot signal.

Documented setting state_file_interval (which by default is 120 seconds) does not work,

I will try Volumio 1.5 to see if it is any better in this respect.

With Volumio 1.5 it gets better.

state_file_interval setting works (I set it to 60 seconds) , but state file is updated only once per track (after 60 seconds from the begining).
I have yet to find out id consume mode on/off affects state file update logics