Playlist repeat


I’m new to Volumio and subscribed to MyVolumio to try the integrated Qobuz support. I’d appreciate some assistance with a playlist issue.

I find that once the playlist completes, Volumio starts over again from the top of the playlist. I would like playback to simply stop upon reaching the end. I typically listen to albums, clearing the queue and then adding one, making this particularly annoying.

I don’t see anything in the interface to change this behavior nor do I see any manner of “consume” option. Am I missing something?


Not a reply really, I’m afraid. I’m starting with Volumio (on a raspberry pi 4B) and I’m really happy so far. If I could just turn off this `feature’ (automatic repeat of playlist) I’d be in paradise. So I was hoping that if I asked the question again, a reply might emerge. So here’s hoping – how do I persuade volumio to just stop playing when the end of the playlist is reached? Meanwhile, thanks to all for this amazing piece of work.