Playlist not working after adding new content

I’ve had my RPi based Volumio working for a year or more without issue (running version 2.806). I have all the music stored on a USB stick. Recently I removed the USB stick to add some more content. When I plugged it back in, I noticed that the one playlist I had created no longer worked. However, playing content from ‘Albums’ worked fine.

I looked at the playlist (found in /data/playlist) and could see where the playlist was looking for the media content - in “USB/02AE-38FD…” But when I looked in the /media directory I saw two directory entries. One is the 02AE-38FD that I saw in the playlist, with an ownership of root/root and permissions of 700. The other was 02AE-38FD_ with an ownership of volumio/volumio and permissions of 777. The directory owned by root has only 2 links in it, while the one owned by volumio has 337 which corresponds to the number of albums I have there.

I went into the playlist and modified the first entry to change the “02AE-38FD” to “02AE-38FD_” and was then able to play the first selection in the playlist. However, changing all the instances of the USB directory (two for each entry in the playlist) did not allow any other songs to play. I’ve rebooted the RPi a couple of times and even gone back to the original format of the file (with the 02AE-38FD identifier) and I can still only play the first entry in the playlist - no others.

I was hoping to avoid having to recreate the whole playlist all over again, so I’m hoping that someone well versed in playlists can help me avoid that process.