Playlist main playback option is not working!


I’m running Volumio v. 2.917 on a Pi3B+. With nothing more extra, than only the System information Plug-in and a triggerhappy config file installed (for my USB remote controller).

I use regularly the browser WEB UI from PC to control the Volumio on my Raspberry Pi. I’m facing this this issue when I’m trying to Playback one of my whole saved Playlists from the Playlist menu.
When I try to start the playback of an entire Playlist and press the dedicated “Playback” icon on the left side of the Playlist’s name (circle with a right arrow in the middle) just nothing happens. Except that if there was something playing at the time, than it interrupts the playback.

The Dev mode shows just the following in this case:

Player State


It’s the same with all of my saved Playlists.
I can only start the playback of a Playlist if I rather click on the “” Menu icon on the right end side of the Playlist’s name and select “Playback” from there. In this case it works as expected. But it’s rather more inconvenient and I of course I would much more prefer the more simple dedicated “Playback button” option.

The regular Playback starting method with the “dedicated icon” works BTW perfectly fine with my NAS Share’s Folders (also with individual tracks/files) and also with the Radio Stations. So I can’t even guess why it won’t work specifically only with my Playlists…???

Edit: I have found now many threads regarding this issue on this Forum: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc…
So it seems like it’s going around for a while now, many other users have or had this problem and as you can see there were not any single solutions mentioned in these cases. (???)

Edit 2: Here’s a system log showing what happens while I have tried to start a Playlist’s playback a couple of times.

So here’s one suspicious line I can see in the log:

info: Adding Item to queue: playlists/Francia 1
info: Exploding uri playlists/Francia 1 in service mpd
scanFolder - failure to stat '/mnt/playlists/Francia 1’

And here’s the beginning of the log entries, when I start the playback from the “” button menu with success.

And it shows that it adds the items to the queue from the uri mnt/NAS/ rather than /mnt/playlists/ as in the not working case.

So I guess the access or maybe the whole uri to /mnt/playlists/ is missing in my case somehow. But how could this happened?

Edit 3: So I have checked with WinSPC and there’s no “playlist” folder in the root mnt/ location, only NAS and USB folders are there. But there is a playlist folder under the data/mnt location and seemingly it contains all of my saved playlists as well in order. So what could have mess this up and how to get back my playlist working again as they should?

So my questions still are, that what may could cause this issue, and how to eliminate it? Tell me if I need something to check out on the system and how.

Please suggest a solution!

Thank you!