Playlist export/import in V3

What are some ways to export (as a backup) and import my playlists as well as ‘Favorites’ in V3?

I remember fiddling with this in v2.6 and IIRC, had to ssh to the Volumio device and go to some directory and copy some files.
I was hoping V3 made this operation easy via the GUI but I can’t seem to find it-if it is there.
Seems weird that something as fundamental as this requires the user to drop down to the OS level…
Thanks for any pointers.

For import:

Export you can do via Winscp. browse to /data/playlist and copy the content to your backup destination.

@three_jeeps I backup these directories:
/data/album/web [album and artist pics]

@three_jeeps - All of these suggestions are good for backing up your data on Volumio. I would also mention that if you have the deprecated “Virtuoso” or the newer “Premium” MyVolummio account your data is saved in the Volumio cloud. When I transitioned from V2 to V3, I was delighted that all my playlists and webradios were all restored automatically after logging in - very nice!

Also, in V2 there was a Backup-Restore plugin that was basically a UI front-end for the same copy and compress things people have suggested via SSH to your system. I performed an entire SD backup of my new installation, then manually installed the V2 Backup-Restore plugin. Seems to work just fine, and hopefully someday it will be updated and posted to the V3 plugin store. The instructions for manually installing a plugin require a bit of Linux facility, and the moderators suggest you only do this if you know what you’re doing. Anyway, here’s a link to the V2 plugin download, and you can find on the forum how-to install a plugin manually. But you’re on your own :grinning:

Thank you All!
@ wheaten: installed the plugin manually but haven’t tried it.
Is there a way w/o using the plugin?

I exported the playlist from volumio to my server. Worked fine. Since I can copy back n forth, ssh will do fine.
@gloryboy: am well versed in unix, linux. I can easily revert to V2.6x as it is on a separate SD card. IIRC I do have virtuoso, so I’ll try to access my playlists. fortunately ther are only a few and I can recreate them, it will take a bit of time.

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euh… in short not really

  • Take a week off and browse your library and singly add tracks to a Volumio playlist.
  • Become creative in Excel and use formulas to change a M3U to JSON
  • Install Cantata, however this is as time consuming as doing it in Volumio, but Cantata is more responsive. It is also possible to built dynamic playlists, but that means installing scripts on your rPi. I haven’t tested it.

To make it a bit use full, I’ve an Odroid N2+ running with JRiver. With JRiver I maintain my library, built dynamic playlists and share it over the network. With Volumio (Media servers) I can play them.


nothing in github? (m3u > json for example: GitHub - DesSolo/m3ujson: Convert m3u file to json). Please note that I haven’t looked any further than the Github title. :wink: