Playlist displays undefined for WebRadio item in playlist

I have created a few items in “My Web Radios”, all of which use the DI.FM platform, and they all work without issue. To allow for my own player app to change the different WebRadio Stations, I created playlists for each of the WebRadio Stations (5 total). To change the WebRadio station using my own app, which uses the Volumio API, it changes and displays correctly in my app, but then when going to the Volumio web page after changing the playlist and then showing the queue, the playlist track always shows “undefined” for the station title.

This is not a huge issue because everything works fine but I just wanted to bring it to attention, in hopes that one day it can be looked at.

To recreate:

  1. Add my WebRadio Station to “My Web Radios” from the main Volumio UI web page (In this case I named it “DI.FM - Lounge”)
  2. Click on the newly created station, which then loads it into the queue.
  3. Go to the queue and make sure that it is the only item in the queue (Name shows correctly at this point)
  4. Save the queue
  5. In my own web app, the playlists items display correctly
    (It uses the following command to pull the playlists: /api/v1/listplaylists)
  6. Then I select the newly created playlist from my app, and it plays and displays the info correctly as well
    (it uses the following API command: /api/v1/commands/?cmd=playplaylist&name=DI.FM%20-%20Lounge ; This command if run directly in a browser will also cause the titled issue )
  7. But when I go to the Volumio UI anytime after, it always shows undefined for the WebRadio item in the playlist.

So to summarize, when changing to a Playlist with 1 WebRadio item in the list using the Volumio web UI, it works and displays fine with no issues. But when changing it from my app using the command above, although it works flawlessly there (Plays and displays as expected), when I go back to the Volumio UI, it shows “undefined” for the track name (See attachment). I have tried using short names for the playlist without dashes or spaces, for example “TEST” and that does not seem to make a difference. Also, when selecting Playlists with local music files this issue does not appear, just seems to be WebRadio stations in a playlist.

This is difficult to describe, so if you have any questions I would be glad to try and assist.

Thanks again for all of the great work! Volumio is in my opinion the best player around.
2020-05-26 16_36_04-Downtempo Lounge - DI.FM Premium - Prana Tones - Tea Tree.jpg
2020-05-26 16_41_59-Chillout - DI.FM Premium - Cosmic Replicant - Road To Home.jpg

Just realized after posting and seeing the two screenshots next to each other, that this issue is solely with the “/queue” url.

So, basically any WebRadio station does not show its title in the queue when changing playlists via the API. But when changing playlists using the Volumio UI, it shows correctly. See attached. This was changed via the Volumio UI.

2020-05-26 16_54_19-Smooth Jazz 24'7 - Premium - Daryl Beebe - Sonny Side Up.jpg