Playing the second track on an album

New to Volumio. Set it up yesterday.
I have it running on a RP2, DragonFly USB DAC connected to my preamp.
Running Spotify - works fine. Quality is good.
I have a Synology NAS connected via USB.
I can see all the CDs I ripped to FLAC (used EAC to do this, if I remember correctly).
I can play the albums and the sound is good.
The problem is I can only play the complete album ie starting from track 1.
I can’t find a way to play individual tracks.
Clicking on individual tracks does nothing.
I must be missing something.
Any help appreciated.

Hi, same also on my side when nas was working… But now I can not mount it anymore.
Could you please poat your config from volumio and Nas side.

Ok. I got it working now.
I was using the “Sources” option to access the NAS as I couldn’t get it mounted (Mount error 95).
To fix this

Control Panel on the Synology NAS
SMB/AFB/NFS Advanced Settings
Set Max SMB Protocol to SMB3

The NAS now mounts and I can play individual tracks.

Hopefully this works for you too.

And on volumio side I will choose cifs and username and pass? I will write something on options?
I was using nfs share until now but I can not make it work :frowning:

On the Volumio side

IP address, path (=name of music directory), cifs, username for NAS, pw for NAS, nothing under options

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Hi ,
I receive an error : no such file or directory when mounting cifs …

Dec 02 18:02:54 volumio volumio[1039]: info: Adding a new share
Dec 02 18:02:54 volumio volumio[1039]: info: No correspondence found in configuration for share Synology on IP
Dec 02 18:02:54 volumio sudo[3702]: volumio : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/ ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/mount -t cifs -o username=yy,password=xxo,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0666,iocharset=utf8,noauto,soft // /mnt/NAS/Synology
Dec 02 18:02:54 volumio sudo[3702]: pam_unix(sudo:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0)
Dec 02 18:02:54 volumio kernel: No dialect specified on mount. Default has changed to a more secure dialect, SMB2.1 or later (e.g. SMB3), from CIFS (SMB1). To use the less secure SMB1 dialect to access old servers which do not support SMB3 (or SMB2.1) specify vers=1.0 on mount.
Dec 02 18:02:54 volumio kernel: CIFS VFS: BAD_NETWORK_NAME: \\volume1
Dec 02 18:02:54 volumio kernel: CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -2


Remove “volume1/” in path and see what happens.

Finally it is working with cifs.
Many thanks fo this , I have spent 2 days with nfs and nothing - it used to work with nfs


Happy to help.
Must say using Volumio is much better than the Audio Station interface in Synology.

Yes, I like it too.
I have some dsd files as topping e30. It used to work but now on dac display I see 705. 6 pcm instead of 5.6 dsd.
Do you know what could be the reason ?
In mpd.conf I have this :slight_smile:

audio_output {
type “alsa”
name “peppyalsa”
device “peppyalsa”
dop “no”

I use peppyalsa plugin for peppymeter plugin


Sorry. Don’t think I can help with this.