Playing remote music content

I am looking for a way to add remote content like this to the queue. If I send

curl -X POST volumio.local/api/v1/replaceAndPlay -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"service": "mpd", "uri": "[kb]091_deep_groove_big_snare.wav.mp3"}'

I get {“response”:“success”} but nothing is played and the queue remains empty.
If I send it as webradio request

curl -X POST volumio.local/api/v1/replaceAndPlay -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"service": "webradio", "uri": "[kb]091_deep_groove_big_snare.wav.mp3"}'

The file is played in a loop. I can send the request directly with an mpd request

mpc -h volumio.local add[kb]091_deep_groove_big_snare.wav.mp3
mpc -h volumio.local toggle

Now the file is played once but it does not show up in the queue.
So it would be nice if the first approach would work or the second would not loop.
Is there a way to achieve that?

Not 100% sure - but try switching the service from mpd to webradio, and switch the repeat mode via the api/v1/commands/?cmd=repeat=false endpoint?

You might have to play with the sequence of these commands…

Nope, that does not help. :frowning: