Playing Podcasts Using Web Radio

Hi Everyone,

I didn’t see this posted anywhere and wanted to pass along a tip for beginners like me!

I have installed the Podcast Plug-in for Volumio which is great but I wanted to listen to shows that weren’t on there. I realized you can copy the RSS feed of a podcast and add it to Web Radio in the URL section. This creates a “radio station” of your favorite podcast. It might not work with all podcasts but here’s how you do it:

  1. Find the RSS feed for your favorite podcast by visiting their official website or by using

  2. Open Volumio, go to Web Radio, then click the “…” at the end of “My Web Radios” to add a station.

  3. Name the station as the podcast you’re adding and paste the RSS feed into the URL section.

You should now have a “radio station” that plays the latest episode of your podcast. You can hit the “next” button to skip the latest podcast if you’ve already heard it.

One limitation here is you can’t see a list of all available episodes. However, I actually prefer this (feature not a bug!). It’s easy for me to get stuck browsing podcast episodes instead of actually listening to them. It also forces me to listen to episodes that I might not pick on my own and I end up learning something new/outside of my area of interest as a result.

Another very specific limitation I found is with Patreon RSS feeds. I was unable to add some “Private RSS” feeds I subscribe to using Volumio but maybe there’s a work-around?

Thanks and I hope someone finds this helpful!

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