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Sorry, I’m about to ask some dumb questions.

  1. My daughter likes to play music that is on her or her boyfriends phone and they both have Apple phones (I dont) can someone tell me how they would stream music from there phone storage to Volumio?

  2. How can they stream music on there Windows PC’s hard drive?


Hello @dq828. Not dumb questions! If they have Spotify, they can use the Spotify Connect plugin on Volumio. the native app is currently not working, but the Connect one works well.

To stream music from phone or computer is possible using Volumio’s bluetooth, but I can’t really recommend it for stability or quality. I have my music files on an SSD drive connected to one of the USB ports of my Raspberry Pi, which runs Volumio, with a DAC hat on top. This gives fantastic sound quality and you can use your phone or laptop to search and play the music. So the hardware is a Pi 3 or 4, a DAC hat like the Hifiberry DAC Pro and a USB hard drive or SSD.

Apple airplay to Volumio should work… keeping the volume at max on the phone.

Simon, thanks for the thoughts, unfortunately the daughter doesn’t use Spotify! I think the go might be the USB drive.

Old_Duffer, thanks, I will get her to try the Apple Airplay as well.

Overall it seems wierd you cant stream the music from the PC hard drive without using Bluetooth.

You can use DLNA/UPnP, I use Foobar to stream music from my PC to Volumio.

Thank you, I will give it a go.

Try Media Monkey for something simple to use, if you want to use Foobar you also need to install some extra components (plugins) to get the UPnP function.

Thank you, I will give it a go :slight_smile:

Another option to play music from the hard drive of your PC is to set up a shared folder on the PC
then mount the share in Volumio > sources > Network Drives.