Play to another volumio instanse? or offload database

hello, with a large libary volumtio is close to unuseable on a raspberry, is it possible to offload the handling of the library somehow?

either an external database or simply install volumio on a server and then stream to another volumio installation.

thanks for any tips


Can I ask a bit about your setup? I have a large library (hundreds of albums/hours and 10000+ tracks) and find Volumio to be pretty responsive even on the Pi Zero W boxes I have around the place.

One of the big determinants of performance will be the quality of the connection between your Volumio instance and the place where your audio files are stored. If your audio isn’t directly connected (i.e. you’re pulling data over the network) then typically I would not recommend using a Pi Zero or first generation Pi to serve your audio files. You want at least a Pi 2 (for USB speed) and wired networking for serving the data, if it can be a Pi 3 or Pi 4 then even better.

The next thing to do is to make sure that your Volumio instance has a decent network connection. If that’s WiFi then make sure it has good signal. If it’s wired then great. If you address both of those things then you should find the whole experience very snappy.

The one thing that will make Volumio sluggish on a low speed Pi is if you try to play a really huge playlist or album (I hit this when queuing/playing audiobooks containing 1500 tracks). It’s even worse if you try to add tracks to a huge play queue.

As for streaming to another Volumio instance - multiroom support is coming in the Volumio 3 beta. This will let you have audio playing on one Volumio stream to other Volumio instances on your network.

hi! thanks for your reply. I have about 130k tracks. I did try with a cable just to rule out network performance but it made no difference.
I serve my files from a nas over smb.
I have no problems at all with lagging audio, its just the interface and when I search.
Looking forward to volumio 3 beta, will wait until spotify connect works on it and try.