Play SACD ISO file with Volumio

How can i play SACD ISO file with Volumio?
It is possible?

There are previous discussions of this on the forum.

It appears it is possible, but isn’t reliable/stable so far.

I am thinking of another solution for playing SACD ISO in Volumio.
Volumio has a Kodi Krypton plugin.
Kodi has a SACD ISO player plug-in:

This would allow SACD ISO playback within a system.
The problem is that in Volumio, Kodi is an older version 17.04.
The Kodi 17.04 repository does not include this Kodi plugin, only newer versions of Kodi.
How can I install this SACD ISO player Kodi plugin in Kodi version 17.04?
What are your views on this solution?

I don’t have any views on that.
I’d be ripping the SACD to DSF files and playing them.

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You can rip the SACD iso image with Sonore and get DSD…

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Thank you for your answers.