Play queue ended, starts with old queue

Hi all,

I have a weird experience with Volumio: whenever I play an album (have it replace the queue and start playing), after finishing the queue Volumio automatically starts playing the last album that I added via the web interface.

My setup is a Raspberry Pi Zero W running the latest version of Volumio, playing music from a connected usb hdd (although I have had this problem before on previous versions of Volumio on my Model B).
My main app to control the player is MPDroid on my phone. Occasionally I use the Volumio app on my phone. Very rarely I use Cantata on my Windows laptop, and even more seldom the Volumio web interface.

I assume this has something to do with clearing the queue between the apps, since I also have not read anything about this in other threads. However last week I tried it a few times with the Volumio app on my phone and the problem also occurred. It’s not a major problem, but at some point it starts to be annoying hearing the same album over and over again.

Any thoughts on this?

I tried this by cheating (added an “album” with only one track, and jumped to the last track on another) but did not observe the repeat effect. I’ll try a complete album when I have more time.