Play Next/Play Last


I want to suggest a common feature from other music services that I really like and use a lot. The feature to choose a song to ‘play next’ in queue or ‘play last’ adn put it at the end of the current queue.

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+1 Yes, “Play next” would be very much appriciated
Play last should work with “add to queue” - or would you just like to rename that?

I would prefer it to be renamed as if the ‘play next’ feature is added because technically ‘play next’ is also adding to the queue. Just to take away any possible confusion.

+1 As a brand new user since a couple of days this is literally the only thing that bugs me about me about Volumio. Play Next would be wonderful in addition to the Add To Queue! :+1:

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Coming from Moode and it’s the only thing that I really miss.