Play File / Play Folder

Hi All !

As all we know, it is very unconfortable to play rapidly files and folders which are not a part of music library…

To play new files / folders, first we need to add them to scan path of music library ( phisically copy the files / folders), we can copy them to USB, network drive or internal memory. Then we need to rescan at least this part of library. After that is possible to play a new files / folders.

Another player solve this issue with Play Files / Play Folders … My question is : is it possible to do the same with volumio ?
If yes, it will be usefull to have possibility to allow ( with a check button ) to “upload” those “promptly” played files / folders to selected folder in music library ( to NAS, to USB, to internal storage) …


Please add this feature!

Moreover, I know a more elegant solution from other players. The user starts with accessing a file system in general, then he can either click and music file and let it playback or for a folder, he can decide either to let playback all files in that folder and all subfolders or just in that folder or add this folder to the library. Currently, Volumio either scans a USB drive on its own in the background when it is first connected or if a NAS access is used, the user can only add a share to the library and cannot select a subfolder from a share. Not speaking of a playback directly from the file system.