Play buttons

I am very happy with my Volumio audiophile player (based on Raspberry Pi and IQaudio amp). Easy to set up and the sound is astonishing. I think Volumio 2 now works very well.

However it is only me that thinks so. My family, friends and others do not agree. For example my teenage daughter tells me it doesn’t work at all since the buttons of the player maybe not always do what you think they will do, or what you are used to. So at the moment my concern is the player buttons and how they work. You know: Play, Next, Previous, and Repeat, Random, Consume, as well as Playlist, Trash can and the X (delete option for each track). Also the Play, Add to queue, Play and clear menu options in Browse tab.

Play works. Next and Previous do not have the same behaviour always, Repeat seems to work, Random works but not always, Consume works well most of the time. The combination of those modes might however surprise you. Trash can works but the X option does not. The Play, Add to queue, Play and clear menu options does not work or are not consistent, especially with playlists.

I don’t know if it was the right thing to do but I detailed these problems on the Issue page on Github, #868.

. . . okay, I can tell my daughter to go back and use her own gear and don’t touch my Volumio anymore. But a very nice thing with a wireless digital music player such as Volumio is that you can share music with your family and friends. Frankly, if Volumio is going to get a broader user base than enthusiasts like me I think that the buttons have to be sorted out once and for all.

What do the Volumio community think about that?