Play an album from search results

When trying to play an album from the search results nothing happens: the tracks are not queued and nothing is played.

Music library in an hard disk connected via USB.

Volumio 2.389
RaspberryPi 3 + IQaudIO DAC PRO



I’ve experienced this issue in v 2.413 (library on a NAS / nfs)

You have to click directly on one track or queue them one by one for them to be played.



I’ve experienced a version of this issue for a while, which is still present in v2.873. The option to play a whole album from search results is not present when Volumio is in phone-sized window:

If I then tap the music note button once, the whole-album play button (over the album art image) is displayed, the same as in larger sized windows:

Tablet-sized window has a rare instance of the same issue as a phone-sized window, but for the most part it mimics what is shown in a desktop-sized window.

Thank you