Planning of using Volumio as mediaplayer


I am planning to use Volumio as a mediaplayer in my living room.
In the moment I am using an Airport Express attched to the stereo system and a NAS with my music. I am controlling it via an iPad and the iTunes Remote App.
What I want is a player with a display and all musik locally on a SSD attached to my stereo system.

Can someone give me some info if it is possible to use a Raspberry Pi, a touch display and a locally via USB attached SSD to use Volumio?
How fast will Volumio be controllable after it was switched on if the library is having nearly 30000 songs? Does it take long?

Thank you!

Yes, this is certainly possible. Have a search on the forums.

Your initial music scan may well take some time, and I remember vaguely reading about an mpd limit on number of songs, but I think this was resolved. After they’ve been scanned into the database, I don’t see a reason why it should slow Volumio down unduly, but I’m willing to be corrected on this by those with bigger music libraries :wink:.

you can use a SSD but i’m not sure you’ll notice a big difference with a USB hard disk (but i might be wrong).
i use this system (RPI with music on a usb hdd) and i never really had the feeling that song were slow to start.
i guess this could be tuned with some cache settings.
i do not have a touch display, so i wont be of any help for that topic. I use the Volumio web UI.