planning an off the grid SBC based music playback

Sorry, subject should be “planning AN off the grid SBC based music playback system”.

A few basic questions for I have not yet found simple anwers.

Is plugging in a USB connected SSD which will hold all my music as easy as plugging it in and providing enough power?

Can anyone share experiences on large capacity portable storage for use with a system like this?

My whole plan is to have a portable hifi system, as good sounding as possible, without spending thousands, and control it wirelessly with my phone.

In this case I am not sure, if I am in the mountains camping how the phone communicates with the player, but I assume some kind of wifi is the way to go.

Am I missing something? Will this bog down with high res flac files and album art going back and forth as I operate Volumio on my phone?

I am thinking a fairly large capacity battery bank will be needed to power all of this. Any links to projects like this?

So far my searching of the forums here and on other similar forums is that a deluge of over specific and extremely arcane (but very important to the people completing their projects…) So I am mainly hoping for links to existing threads which have some broad info on this preliminary list of project planning questions.

Many thanks in advance for any expertise and links.


Should be.

You can use the Volumio hotspot to control it from your phone.

Someone fairly recently (last month or so) was putting together a similar project, but I forget the name.

Edit: this post

How are intending to actually play the music? DAC with speakers and/or headphones?

Music will be played by a t-amp, either as a Rpi hat or separate small 12v class d amp.

Small portable speakers, maybe even a small sub. That is one reason the Piano 2.1 is interesting, as it has a DSP crossover.

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