Pirate Audio Plugin - no display?

Hi everyone.

I’m a long time user of Volumio (plus other media players) and building up a system for vacations using Volumio, the Pimoroni Pirate Audio 3w amp board and the PiZero Battery that goes under the main board.

I’ve had the display working using mopidy following the instructions online - so far so good.

I want to use Volumio rather than mopidy and I’ve got the system playing audio and tried AxLED’s Plugin as on the Plugin screen but nothing is appearing on the LCD screen.

Is there something I’m failing to do as part of the installation process? All tips welcome.



yes there are some issues right now, see https://community.volumio.org/t/plugin-pirate-audio/44336/79


Edit: followed the instructions on the other posting and despite ssh failing (a lot - why?) I now have my display working :smile: