pine64 volumio no onboard sound or DAC sound

Hi guys,

tested out the latest pine64 official release of volumio and the onboard sound and dac sound don’t appear to be working for me. I’ve tried a bunch of settings option combinations and can’t seem to get any sound to output from pine64 on-board analog sound output or the USB DAC (m-audio fast track pro which shows up in the list and also I confirmed is in the usb dac compatibility list on the forum.)

Any ideas?

I never listened with the onboard Jack, and no optimization has gone into this because generally (except for the Tinkerboard) integrated sound cards are very poor quality on those single board computers.
I would suggest you to use a USB DAC

yes, I had stated that I also have been trying my m-audio fast track pro DAC which is USB interface. The OS seems to recognize it and volumio also shows it up in the list, it lists it as ‘Pro’. So I have two choices, the onboard or the ‘Pro’ aka fast track pro.

Both options produce no sound output.

and you had it working on a previous pine64 image version?
Which version did it work with?

no i don’t believe i ever got it working. I was able to see the device but i didn’t have music at the time to use so I could not confirm if music would play when it listed the device. At that time there were issues with wifi module so I never got to really test it.

Did you check with earbuds or headphones? Or are you using a 3.5" to RCA adapter into an amp?

i did not check with earbuds/phones. I used an adapter that i use for my chromecast audio to my m-audio fast track pro. The chromecast audio works fine with that method so it should work fine with the pine64’s audio output port.