I’m trying to use Volumio2 (volumio-2.632-2019-10-03-pi.img) on RPI4 (4GB) equiped with Nanosound shield DAC2 and Pimoroni FAN SHIM.
After installed Phyton3 and fanshim-python library Volumio stop to work.

Starting from a working volumio2 RPI4 i just follow these instructions:
learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/san … h-fan-shim
and then sound doesn’t come out anymore.

anyone has experienced the same issue?

anyone can give any advice?

many thanks

I had a different set up, I was using the Pimorini Fanshim but no DAC, but a similar problem in my case updates and installs would fail,

I found that the root partition was not big enough once all that Python etc had been installed and |I had to put the SD card in a different computer and resize the partition to make more space. Redo the failed installs. Then all worked OK. The command in the terminal “df” can check for that, it lists all the partitions and % full of each.

On later versions (feb 25th) did not have that problem but had several issues getting the Python3 code to install.

I have explained my procedures in README file at https://github.com/grayerbeard/fanshim-python-pwm/tree/volumio which is a special version adjusted for Volumio.

This is the list of additional installs I needed to d for my Python code to run the fan quiter and slower.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install python3
sudo apt install python3-pip
sudo pip3 install RPi.GPIO
sudo pip3 install psutil --upgrade