Pimoroni Dac Shim lineout no sound

I have tried both hifibery and generic I2s DAC and nada. Anyone else tried to get this one to work? It was only 12 Euro so I am not too worried, just wanted to free up my good DAC. Any ideas appreciated. I know the chipset is PCM5100A if that helps. I may have to fiddle about in a config file if anyone has an ide of which one I should touch for volumio.


Ensure that you have the following in your config.txt:


Perhaps in Volumio setting the DAC driver to Hifiberry-dac does not include the gpio=op,dh statement, so you may have to add it manually.

Thanks, I tried that and it still did not want to work. I then decided to try it without the header riser I had to make it work with my case and then it worked perfectly. I just had to modify my case to accommodate the shim and the audio cable and all is well. Thanks for the input on the configuration. I did have to manually add that information to get it all working.