Pifi Dac problema!

Thank you all!
It is a beautiful community, very helpful!
I changed the Pifi dac with an original Hifiberry!
Pifi Dac gave me homes a broken pastate right away and dac mal sadato, worse than what ??

Try this

Unfortunately, the solution did not work.
I have selected the dac as a photo, but nkn has changed nothing, podo after starting a music playback, which does not start, I get this error message …
What do I do?
thank you

There is a thread about “Alsa error” , I hope this helps you


Grazie. Di tutto.
Problema hardware un componente fa falso contatto se lo muovo funziona benissimo…
Pifi Dac ha bassissima qualità case rotto e Dac inutilizzabile…

Yeah , buying cheap is buying expensive
I have a couple of Pifi’s myself they all works fine but they aren’t exactly identical
so it exist clones of the clone :wink:

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