Pi4 HDMI Output

I have a Pi4 running volumio.

I have it connected to my Yamaha receiver via HDMI.

How can I tell if the PI or the Amp is doing the digital to analogue conversion?

Dear Chico,
pi only has no dac…
and i don’t know if your amp has one?

This suggests otherwise
" Does Raspberry Pi have DAC?

It uses the Texas Instruments PCM5242 DAC to deliver outstanding signal-to-noise ratio performance from a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+, 2, 3, and 4, and supports balanced/differential output in parallel to phono/RCA line level output. It also includes a dedicated headphone amplifier."

hdmi is that a output of your dac ? i don’t think so…
it’s a output of the pi… so it doesn’t run over your dac…

this is how it should look like:

because the chip of Texas Instruments PCM5242 is used in many Hat’s.
top part is a hat on top of the pi the top part is a dac the hdmi below is from the pi

I don’t have a HAT and have no wish to, the receiver is getting PCM from the HDMI of the Pi4, ideally I would like processing to be done in the Receiver - there doesn’t seem to be a setting in volumio to choose bitstream from HDMI.

It resamples, the bcm chip on the PI works at 48 krhrtz… So no bit perfect through HDMI…

So audio over HDMI is resampled by the CPU and not processed by the DAC on the Pi and a digital stream is then sent to the receiver?

Yes, if you are coming out of the Raspberry Pi via digital (HDMI) you are sending a digital signal to your amp which then needs to use its own DAC to convert the digital signal to analog so the music can play. This makes sense in your case, since the DAC in your Yamaha receiver is probably better than the DAC in the PI which is very rudimentary.

If you connected the Pi to the amp via analog RCA jacks then the PI would act as the DAC and send analogue signal to receiver and bypass the receivers DAC.

So the answer to your original question is the AMP is doing he DAC conversion.