Pi3B Wired and wifi connection issues

Trying to get Volumio going on a Raspbery Pi3 B, with a HifiBerry+, and networking really isn’t working.

Running ifconifg eth0 assigns the correct IP, but if I set it in the web interface, or if I set it in /etc/networking/interfaces it doesn’t seem to hold those settings and they’re lost on rebooting. After rebooting, if I assign the IP using ifconfig, and then connect back to the web interface, it populates with the correct information, but it seems to not be applying.

Is there something I’m missing? This is a brand new install, and I re-imaged my microSD several times to ensure that I was starting with factory defaults.

Are you using SUDO to edit and save the configuration in the file?

This is a bug, we’re releasing a new image soon with fixes.