Pi3 Wifi: no GUI


I’ve just installed volumio 0.976 on a Pi 3.
The network is working with wifi only (no ethernet cable).

The Pi is plugged on a Cambridge DAC magic plus USB.

I can ssh on the pi, ping from the pi.

But there is no GUI when I try to access ip_of_the_pi

In fact the web browser (FF and safari) says “The connection failed”.

Any idea ? Perhaps it’s the DAC which is not compatible ?
Thanks for your help

There’s a chance that the webserver isn’t started or failed during startup. I had this once, I decided it was easier and faster to reflash the SD card. But if you want to look into it, I believe nginx was the server not sure though. Been living under a rock for a while :blush:

Reinstalling Volumio has solved the problem.

This time I have plugged an ethernet cable during the first boot. Perhaps there is a link ?