PI3 + KALI + PIANO 2.1

Hello Angelo,
PI3 Running on standard power supply
KALI + PIANO 2.1 Running on IFI 5V power supply
I have distortion (very slight but it exists …)
Bought IFI power thinking it would fix the issue but nada …
Bought Kali + Piano because i wanted audiophile quality but not there.
Playing music from NAS. Tried WAV, APE, FLAC give the same results.
If i play the same file from the same nas on a PC (standard audio output), music is fine.
Tried switching to jack output (disabling piano) but also distortion. In fact it is noticed at low level (low volume on volumio)
I think I tried almost everything but … changes power, reflashed last version on new class 10 card.
Is there something I am missing. What is the recommended setting for my configuration.
Hope you can help.

Can you explain more what you mean with “distortion”?
It seems to me very strange that you’re having it with both the Piano 2.1 and the audio jack of your pi…

Angelo thanks for your anwer.
Thanks for your time.
Was seaming strange to me also but tried everything i can think of …
I have been working on that for quite a time.
By slight distortion I mean that the sound is not crisp clear.
Slight saturation on voices. Sound is better on my PC.
I do my testing with a Headphone set (same on all configurations) and the same music.
I thought that you had special setting to suggest me for piano.
Network is wire. Diden’t try with wifi, but will do that.
Is it possible that PI3 not fast enough to expand and stream flac files (it does the same with wav).
At first, I had a touch screen (usb) + hdmi.
I disabled that (flashed latest image) but no change …
Still searching so any suggestion is welcome.
Distortion is not the same for kali vs audio jack but quality is not perfect.

Did you check the noise-floor on the input cabling to your amp? I assume you use 2 RCA cables from the Pi/DAC to your equipment. Check if you unplug the RCA cables at the DAC end, if the system is totally quiet. Also try another source device instead of the Pi to be sure if the Pi/DAC is the real origin of the distortion.

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This is my opinion: you’re using headphones, while the piano is made to be connected to an amplifier (line output). My guess is that you have an impedance problem with the piano and your headphones. Can you try to connect the piano to a line input ? (amplifier or headphone amplifier?).
The bad quality you hear from the Jack output of the pi is not related, its simply bad…