Pi3, Iqaudio digiamp+, PSU

hello all,

i just finished building my network amp based on these main components:

-raspberry pi 3
-iqaudio digiamp+
-internal power supply unit
-black aluminium case (audiophonics, modified)

the little device works pretty fine with my scandyna smallpod speakers.

Looks great! Compliments :slight_smile:

Fantastic !
Can you tell me the PSU model and where you got it ?


thanks for the compliment!

it`s this power supply unit:


i ordered it at digikey.com

the shipping fee to germany costs as much as the power suply unit itself , but the service was pretty quick!

let us know about your project!


for using this psu you wuill need some jst connectors.

check the datasheet of the psu at digykey for the exact types of jst coonnectors!