Pi Zero W AirPlay/WiFi spotty, disconnects

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.882
Hardware: Raspberry Pi Zero W
DAC: Schiit Modi 3+

Got volumio running well on the Pi Zero W, went through WiFi setup no problem. It reboots, I see the AirPlay destination and it works great. The next day, it works great. Once in a while, I don’t see the volumio in AirPlay destinations. I can’t ping or SSH into the volumio either. If I wait a while, it’ll come back, or if I go into my WiFi router and force it to reconnect to the Pi Zero the AirPlay destination immediately returns. It seems the Pi Zero is on and functioning fine, but it seems to me more of a WiFi issue, as though the Pi is disconnecting from WiFi or going to sleep, given that forcing a reconnect on the router gets the Pi quickly working again.

Any ideas?


run a cable that will work… but you can’t that on a zero so no fix for that.
i would say run a older version that doesn’t have wifi issues.

Any idea what older versions didn’t have any WiFi issues?

It’s too bad Volumio has these WiFi issues, a wireless (AirPlay) device that has to use ethernet isn’t very useful or convenient.

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You could do with trying to catch the behaviour in the system logs … not always easy, if it is an intermitant problem. Try to do it from a fresh boot to make the logs more manageable, and then as soon as the problem has occurred, and you have access then get the system logs , and post the link here? If you have an approximate time for the problem occurring, then please include that in your post too.

after reboot wifi switched off some how @chsims1 i have it too in the 3.074
if you set it after reboot it’s jumps off

Good idea. I’ll work on getting the logs and get back to you

yes, but OP says it can be forced to return from router.

that is the reason why i’m on cable … wifi keeps jumping back what ever i do i have a screen + touch
to put it back but zero doesn’t. i stopt with wireless i’m no dummy keep on switching.

Update: I checked just now and I saw no Airplay destination. I was able to connect to the http://volumio.local/dev site fine, and as soon as I did the airplay destination appeared. I sent the logs, the issue should be around the 10:44-10:46 PST Jun 30th mark. logs here: http://logs.volumio.org/volumiobuster/V7ZehJr.html

There are multiple entries of Jul 30 15:43:05 living-room-stereo dnsmasq-dhcp[644]: no address range available for DHCP request via wlan0 one of which was right before the failure.

I tried setting a static IP address in Volumio and after 24 hours no disconnects. Perhaps it’s an issue with how Volumio’s DHCP is configured. I’ll keep testing

After a week with a static IP I’ve had zero issues. This seems to confirm the issue is DHCP related. Maybe the developers can learn from this?

Note that in my case I set a static IP on the device, not just a static DHCP assignment on the DHCP server. This seems to fix the issue, but is a hassle from a network management standpoint.

that’s why i said it to you … learned of my error’s