Found this today, looks very interesting to me, should serve in a lot of scenarios. It even comes with clean power off/on switch, so actually its 2 solutions in one product. (needs drivers to be installed though, but they are supplied by the company)


This is what they say:

The Pi UPS + (Uninterrupted Power Supply) device developed by CW2. guarantees the operation of your single-board computer by using rechargeable batteries. In the event of power failure the Pi UPS + can either shut down your device properly or temporarily continue keeping it running until external power is available again. So there is no risk of data loss and system damage. Running applications on your mini computer are thus permanently protected. The only thing you should look after is the status of your batteries which is possible by using the bundled monitoring software.

In-Car Use:
If the Raspberry Pi is used in a car to connect electronic equipment via USB ports, a proper shutdown is guaranteed as soon as the engine is turned off. Whenever the ignition is restarted, the Raspberry Pi will reboot too.

If the Raspberry Pi is connected to a TV, e.g. a XBMC Media Center with Internet access, all currently running applications will be shut down and terminated properly as soon as the TV is turned off. Once the TV is turned on again, the Raspberry Pi restarts too.

Check their forum and Facebook page. One of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. No support at all, they don’t keep any of their promises, some customers wait more than ONE YEAR for the delivery… I would not recommend them.


After much pondering of my own DIY options I have just purchaced and installed the UPS Pico from Pi Modules


I’ve got V3. and so far works well.
Its providing UPS backup to my Volumio Pi Installation. If it looses power, it shuts it down safely. Which is how I am choosing to use it. I plan to stick the whole caboodle of parts inside my old amp at some point, so turning the amp off and on wil either power up or down volumio automatically. Which handily the UPS Pico will safely take care of.

My only critisisms so far are

  1. support documents are not quite as good as the older versions yet (but heck, plenty good enough for my purposes)
    2)LEDs on it are flipping bright! need to learn if i can dim them.
    3)Doesnt quite fit in the Pi case I have.

Plus side

  1. Running on a Raspi 2.
  2. Cut and paste code from the manual worked.
  3. Fits in many Raspi cases
    4)Looks like it will work with Amp
    5)Can attach substantially bigger batteries, (Portable Volumio)
    6)Access to its I2C for further development / integration

Hope this helps. Turns out there is a more basic version listed on their website, which probably would have done me fine.


Hello Wheaty,

I have also bought the Pimodules UPS PICO HV3.0A plus and i want to install it on the Raspberry Pi3 to be used with volumio in my car.
However i am a complete beginner and i cannot understand how to install the software as explained in the installation procedure of UPS Pico manual.
I type the commands as mentioned in the manual and get error messages in return.
If you can guide me please help.

Thanks a lot