Pi-hole with Volumio 3?

why do u think it does’nt I got it working but TFL only is down

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i know i was trying it too redirect part of volumio will bug you…

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so what is the reason of…?

volumio is build that way… best is to run pihole on a other pi…

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anyway I saw tutorials with pi hole working with Volumio. Just wonder why I couldn’t do…

that’s the point - challenge - to make both in 1;)

i know i still have to find out how to…looking for that too

Did u have the same problem with TFL beeing down?

at first yes i could get it running had no access to the front end …

ik ga hem prive nemen … clean the posts

Guys, can you please stop polluting this thread!
This is about beta, not about ifs and whens.
Take this discussion to another thread please!


I do know this link. I used to do this too.

Hi Kaczmo,

did you ever get Volumio and Pi-hole to co-exist on the same server? I am looking for an install guide to install pi-hole on top of Volumio. Also, I am installing version 2.917. I found that post (Install Pi-hole on Volumio. | wasietsmet.nl) but there appears to be missing some steps, like by-pass OS check.

I’m joining the thread …
The installation was successful … I have access to the front …
DNS starts and stops … error like in the screenshot.

I already have a stable V3 …

Pi-hole and Volumio do not get along very well.

Pi-Hole blocks many legit services used by Volumio, so if you have Pi-Hole installed (on the same device or in another device) Volumio will work really bad and in a way that it’s very hard to troubleshoot.

So my advice is : don’t use Pi-Hole with Volumio. Installing it on the same device is even worse, as it might interfere heavily with Volumio’s operations.

I use PiHole at every location - but not along with Volumio on the same device.

I don‘t have troubles with it even not with MyVolumio - may depend on the PiHole configuration


Yes, I agree.

Our support team had an hard time troubleshooting some problems for users with Pi-Hole active, so I am assuming that default configuration does not play well with Volumio. Hence, the suggestion of not using it.
If you could share your Pi-Hole configuration in a specific thread (something like Pi-Hole suggested configuration for Volumio) I think it will be very very useful.

i simply did not „overconfigure“ it. defaults and some other settings i did - helps against most DNS issues and most advertising annoiances

i did that with only feeling and following recommendations on the web - sorry for not remembering the details.

Also i think this is out of range for this forum.

i also tried first to install it on a volumio device along - and totally agree this is a very bad idea as long as your name is not Linus Torwald :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Ehh - I understand :slight_smile: you are absolutely right in this situation. I just like compact solutions, and my RPI with Volumio still has a lot of resources :).
There is nothing else but Pi Hole to run on an additional device.

It might be easier if you at the Volumio team published a list of domains for which Volumio needs access. In that way zealous Pi-hole users can exempt those from blacklisting.

I’m running Pi-hole which currently blocks 132.911 domains. That is considered a “light” configuration with 5 list subscriptions only. I’ve never experienced any problems on that front with Volumio and it’s also pretty easy to disable blocking (3 clicks).

There you have it: