Pi-hole with Volumio 3?

Hi Guys. Just got newest beta 3. I see 2 issues immportant for me:

  1. Problem with a plugin for rotary encoder- I couldn’t find working one.
  2. Just trying to use both: Volumio and Pi-hole in one go. I got a problem with TFL on Pi-hole - it couldn’t start…

if any advices what to do?


Please refer to the announcement where we specifically asked testers NOT to install additional software like plugins until we release them for testing.
By joining the testprogram you have accepted to abide by the rules!

Stupid request. How to test app without instaling normally used plugins? What to test ?

Call it whatever you want, you are allowed to have your own opinion.
We have no problem with that, plugin support will be announced when it is ready.

so when ? There is at least few releases od ver. 3 and still nothing happened?:wink:

@kaczmo you always can pick a other version that would do it …
but you have to wait for the release still work in progress and that takes time.

I cannot get older coz I neet Pi-hole as well but - Older Jassie makes the errors, newer still in test…no solution…

pihole doesn’t run next to volumio… you can install but can’t access it…

it is possible but thre is fer issues with it in front

why do u think it does’nt I got it working but TFL only is down

i know i was trying it too redirect part of volumio will bug you…

so what is the reason of…?

volumio is build that way… best is to run pihole on a other pi…

anyway I saw tutorials with pi hole working with Volumio. Just wonder why I couldn’t do…

that’s the point - challenge - to make both in 1;)

i know i still have to find out how to…looking for that too

Did u have the same problem with TFL beeing down?

at first yes i could get it running had no access to the front end …

ik ga hem prive nemen … clean the posts

Guys, can you please stop polluting this thread!
This is about beta, not about ifs and whens.
Take this discussion to another thread please!

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I do know this link. I used to do this too.