PI-HIFI in STB case

Inspired by @pparreira (see at mypiamp-project-volumio-rpi-dac-remote-lcd-t3543.html) I develop my own PI-HIFI device in a STB case. I did not consider the amplifier part, as I have an AVR to be used.
You may consider my work as an evolution of the above project, with some some differences.
The main is to replace the LCD with an VFD using i2c connection. I know that @pparreira complain about availability of GPIO after using DAC, but I avoid this issue with an GPIO expander.
The list of new components:

Another thing that I had to change was the Phython script which did not work at the beginning. I am not a programmer, so it was difficult to identify what was the problem. To be onest, I do not know what i had done, maybe some changes related to indentation.

To do - IR using an old remote. As the IR on the DAC is not visible, I will use the GPIO approach.
What I have to complain - using volumio 2.129 i did not play DSD, but this is a different story.

A picture attached, I will come back with interior later.
C2 - Pi2.jpg

Nice Job. Could you post detailed info on how you got the i2c display to work with ver. 2.xxx Volumio. That has been a stumbling block in my project. I have only found successful examples using Volumio ver. 1.xxx, which your referenced project also used. I’m trying to learn, but I am a total idiot when it comes to the software side of things.

I don’t think there is a difference between 1.xxx and 2.xxx as the main “actor” is lcdproc.
What I did was to use the driver for hd44780 compiled with i2c and a good LCDd.conf.
These are the only clues i did in compare with reference project.

LE: I think this tutorial will help more: nuxii.fr/en/blog/i2c-backpack-lcd-16x2-n25

IR installed, but does not work with volume +/-. Need investigation.
And some pictures with interior.
pi-hifi int 2.jpeg
pi-hifi int 1.jpeg

I look once again on the py file, it seams that lcdproc does not work with lirc driver (lirc.so).
I move lirc.so to the location of hd44780.so, to be loaded from the same folder (which by LCDd.conf was not the same before), but no results.
I think this is the reason why volume +/- not work.

If somebody wants to check or improve the py file, see attached.
vfd.zip (3.18 KB)

Hello. Do you have a link for those STB cases, please? Google didn’t help here. Thanks!

STB = Set Top Box, aka sky box, freeview box etc

Got it, thanks! I 'm still interested in what livs used here though :slight_smile:

If you want the model name, it is Cisco 8485. It is an upc stb sold in Europe.

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Thanks livs! :slight_smile: