Pi First boot from new problem

I’m starting out with Pi, a learning curve. I’ve followed the instructions in the Volumio PDF guide for flashing the SD card and booted the Pi. The device shows on my Windows 10 ‘Network’ but double clicking it, while bringing up the correct IP addy as a web page, doesn’t connect.

However, my husband can see the Pi without any problem on his Linux machine and can get into it. This looks like a Windows issue.

I had an issue when flashing the SD card: while it seemed a simple process, somehow the card got partitioned and my Windows machine didn’t want to play with it. My husband re-formatted it and flashed it on the Linux box, and it required a password attributed to the Pi to do it. I wonder if it has become linked to his Linux system.

Any advice, anyone? Apart from stop using Windows, that it!

Problem resolved :slight_smile:

Next problem…

The Volumio set up asks for the DAC type. I am using a DigiHAT simply to fix the USB over network problem and directing the stream to a ESS9016 Sabre DAC. Volumio lists DigiHATs (generic item) and a ES9028Q2M DAC which seems to be a spec above mine.

Should I select the ESS DAC or DigiHAT?