Pi-dac default volume setting too high (+4db) -> distortion

Great! the 1.4 has finally arrived so I can use my pi-dac at last…

But the default volumesetting is not optimal, especially for the novice user. The output volume of the pi-dac is set to max = +4db bij default. That’s too much and causes distortion on avarage systems.

By loggin in and typing:

sudo amixer -c 0 sset “Playback Digital” 247

You set it at 0db, then all is right.

Additionally when using mpd hardware control, it should somehow be possible to set a maximum that is suitable for a user. Normally that should be 86% or the afore mentioned 247 value rendering 0db.

Perhaps you would consider this, as the current situation might scare of newcomers.

Does this only affect the pi-dac, or does it affect all I2S DACs?

I have a ES9023 I2S DAC, can I check the output via the command line just to be sure?