Pi DAC+ & 2.2 TFT

Hi guys,

Was wondering if anyone had any success with wiring a 2.2 TFT to the re-exposed pins on a IQAUDIO PI DAC+
Been at it for 3 days and I can’t get anywhere.

The TFT works fine when wired directly to the PI like this:

But with the PI DAC+ on top, all I get is a lit black & blank screen.

Many thanks.

Original wiring:

I then moved GPIO 18 as per Gordon’s suggestion:

I then also moved GPIO 25 to different positions and combinations but still just a blank lit (black) screen

Managed to answer this with Gordon’s help, so here it goes for future reference if anyone has same problem.
The Green DAC+ (early 2015) version does not pass through SPI so unless you got the later (DAC+ Black Version) you’re basically stuffed.