Pi B+ / Volumio 2.861 alac issues

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: Volumio 2.861
Hardware: Pi B+
DAC: HifiBerry DAC+

Since upgrading I’ve started seeing strange issues with playback of ALAC files from local USB thumb drives… it seems to happen regardless of bit depth/rate (ie 16/44, 24/48)… the file plays fine but every minute or so there will either be :

  • a short (1/4 sec?) blast of white noise
  • a short (1/4 sec?) forward skip
  • a short (1/4 sec?) backwards skip (so you hear a little bit of music twice)

I’ve reinstalled a few times and it always seem to happen… have tried increasing buffers but it doesn’t seem to help… never had this issue before (and have been a volumio user since 1.x).

Also - has anybody had any issues detecting I2S DACs with this version? Volumio seems to detect this DAC as a HifiBerry Amp2 and I have to force it to think it’s a DAC+.

I’m going to keep experimenting to see if I can figure it out - will try different USB drive etc - but I am interested if anybody has seen similar issues… you’d think local files would have the least ‘stuttering’ issues due to the ease of buffering them.

Any ides?