Perfectly useable

Just thought i’d post my working setup.
RPI 256mB Model B
XMOS USB 2.0 DAC (ebay £40) externally powered into Pioneer amp
Ethernet connected
NAS - LG N1T1 with music on NFS access

Network - static IP
NAS - NFS all other settings default
MPD - X20, Mixer - Hardware (working), DSD - Yes, Buffer etc - default, Resampling - Disabled, Sample rate converter - Fastest ( cannot change it! )

First impressions are good. Was struggling to get Raspyfi1.0 to be stable, but i’m sure it was to do with the network. Now i’m using NFS my network monitor shows less traffic on it.

The most important thing is the audio is still good, though would like to try the different sample rate converter. CPU use is the same 12%, unless i use resample to say 32bit 96k then the CPU is up around 80%.

With Raspyfi i found i had to use RPI-update after the install to make it stable. I’ve done nothing to Volumio apart from the settings above.

Great work and thanks. A donation is on it’s way!