Peppymeter on one screen and play now on tv

Hi everyone.
Today I was playing with displaying playnow via one HDMI and peppy screensaver on the second HDMI. Of course volumio can’t handle two displays, so I decided to try something else.
Since playnow plugin displays a webpage on http://volumio.local:4004 I decided to open it on my TV. I don’t have a Smart TV but if you have one with google tv you can sideload a Chrome browser and open a page this way.
I did something else. I had an Asus Chrome stick, a tiny Chrome computer with HDMI output.
I was able to setup the Chrome stick as a Kiosk in, where you enter a website address which loads automatically upon boot in full screen without browser navigation.
When I directed it to open the volumio.local:4004 page I was able to adjust the fonts on the big screen and also make it match on the small LCD. The small LCD load peppymeter and TV shows whatever normally is hidden under the peppy screensaver.
I highly recommend to try something similar since Volumio doesn’t have to be hardwired to the TV to display data.