Peppy_meter Screensaver + Topping E30 DAC

Please help me with this issue .
I have installed peppymeter on Volumio v3.233 . I have also toping E30.
If I set the MIxer type to HW I have the error :

If I set the Mixer to SW then I hear sound and peppy is started .

Thanks for your help

  • Please turn off all plugins.
  • Set mixer to None
  • reboot and try again.

Same error…If I set to SW mixer then is OK .
Without peppymeter plugin , HW mixer is Working

Difficult to support/debug as Peppy_meter has not been released official for V3. Has it ever worked before, or did it just stopped working.

Yea it worked with hw mixer on v3, but I do not know the version

Then I hope someone from the community has some pointers for you.

Hi Lintbf - try changing the setting in peppymeter to the below - I have a topping E50 and all working fine, I’m sure I had the same issue months ago and believe the setting below fixed it…

Hy Ryan,
Many thanks,
Issue is solved with the solution provided by you.

No problem, glad I could help. :+1: