PecanPi® DAC Rev 2.0

The PecanPi® DAC is upgraded for 2020 with the ability to directly drive balanced headphones.

Published test results here.

It is available as both a DIY option and also as ready to go streamer configured Volumio.

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Eye Candy:

Hi leo,
this is an interesting information! you added the ability to directly drive balanced headphones and the RCA output is now realized with xlr adapter. Behind the test results, what is your personal impression to the soundquality compared to revision 1.2 ?
good work, jens

I don’t think there is any change to sound quality from before. Still using same DACs, op amps and filters.

The case is not also made out of steel and not aluminum so the unit has a more substantial feel to it.

Another great customer review:
“The PecanPi Dac is a wonderful addition to the RaspberryPi. The soundstage and bass are outstanding with this DAC. I have used several Allo and HiFiberry hats this clearly beats all of them.”

Full review text:

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I see that Hans got the same result as we did during the soundcheck.
i would also recommend the ifi 9V iPowerX as PSU.

Also a good overview how volumio works. :wink:

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For those that use Volumio as a Roon endpoint…

The PecanPi DAC is now Roon Tested.

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