Payment error when upgrading to Premium from Virtuoso

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: v3.163
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4
DAC: Allo Boss2

Firstly congratulations on a job well done. Volumio 3 is snappy as well as gorgeous. I’m in love :heart_eyes:
I’m currently on Virtuoso and trying to upgrade to the new Premium plan. However the payment is failing with an error “unable to complete resubscription because we couldn’t charge customer”. I changed two different cards but it is the same error. My bank is not blocking the transactions because I don’t see any alerts. Is it possible to have a payment screen with OTP etc. instead of attempting auto payment?

Davide from Volumio tech support

please keep in contact with me via email : techsupport at volumio dot org

please give me your email credential, for your plan access

Waiting for yours