Pausing Qobuz on Volumio Then Restarting: Song Ends Early

I have found a behavior when playing music from Qobuz that, if I pause a song for a couple minutes then return and start playing it again, many times the song will play for another minute or so and then end abruptly, skipping to the next song. Maybe it only plays out what is already downloaded to the cache? Anyway, it is jarring and disappointing. Is this a known behavior? Is there a way to avoid it (apart from never pausing during the playback of a song)? Thanks.

I’ve always experienced this same issue with Qobuz and it’s rather “deterministic”. Yes, it seems something related to caching, as if on restart Volumio doesn’t download the remains because thinks the part already downloaded is actually the whole track. If you stop a track near the end, on restart it plays normally all of it.