Pause problem - clicks

I have a raspberry pi 2 with the Pi2Design 502DAC Pro, using software volume mixer. When I mute the music either with the mute button or by dropping the volume to zero, I hear loud clicks approximately once a second. (I’m on v2.348). These clicks are not present when music is playing at any other volume level.

Edit: this appears to happen only with mp3 encoded tracks and not with flac encoded tracks. It happens with some but not all web radios (I’m guessing the ones it happens with are mp3 but can’t be sure).

using the 502DAC pro on a RPI3, volumio 2.348 and RCA, the 502DAC pro driver are not working (no sound) but choosing the
HIFIberry DIGI+ PRO i hear the sound with same behavior as adrianbaugh described.

EDIT. trying Volumio 2.246 as Greg from pi2design recommened on dezember 7. 2017 and HIFIberry DIGI+ PRO driver same behavior as above.

Similar issue experienced on Pi Zero, Pimoroni Phat Dac, Edimax wifi dongle on Volumio 2.389 and the previous version.

Muting (using the mute in the volume control) an MP3 radio station or MP3 track produces a nasty variable static tick for every second.

Using the “stop” control at the top of the page does not have this issue.

I’m having exactly the same problem with rpi4, with two different USB dacs. That’s sad that after 2 years problem still exist. I noticed that different buffer sizes, different resampling values have some affect to these pops/clicks, but they only gone if to set 16 bit output. So problem happens only with 24 bit Hope devs take attention, thank you.