pause or stop command for webradio

iam using Volumio 2.348 and have some problems controlling it with API v1 commands.

My problem is, at the moment I am using the command /api/v1/commands/?cmd=pause and /api/v1/commands/?cmd=play.
I can send play and pause, let me say 2-3 times and then I cannot start the webradio again.

Then, I cannot start them from the web ui neither.

i see, when I am playing a song from my NAS, the play buttons turns into pause when pushing it. On webradio, it turns into a stop button.

Is there a way to general, stop the radio (and start it again for sure) wether when it plays from the NAS or a webradio?
Or is there a suggestion to use stop and not pause…or any other suggestion?


Interesting, I’m not the only one to experience this. I can always restore the web radio stream by clicking Play button on the playback web page but sometimes the equivalent /api/v1/commands/?cmd=pause and /api/v1/commands/?cmd=play commands don’t work.

At the moment, I am trying a workaraound.

Reading with getstate the type of service, wether it is webradio or mpd.
On webradio iam using stop and on mpd iam using pause as command sent from my light switch.

Glad that I can do this with Loxone.

Still trying, will get back when I have more experience.