Password not working through ssh.

I can no longer log into it with volumio:volumio or root:volumio - just updated to the lastest version on original Raspberry PI - system works, but the lack of login via ssh is troubling. I have tried both "ssh volumio@[IP] and ssh [IP] -l volumio - and this seems like a flaw.

Anyone have any ideas?

Deleting user data or clean install does not seem like a viable option. I wouldn’t put up with this from a Windows PC. Does it not seem like this should have been fixed in the update?

You don’t state what version you updated from or too, and how (update from UI or new flash). The problem was indeed fixed in an update. There was a earlier problem with ssh for people updating (from UI) from v2.041. Root login to ssh has been disabled by default for quite some time.

Please bear in mind that this software is in development and is not a finished product: there will be hiccoughs.

Is this an issue we can expect to be fixed sometime soon?