Party Mode

i would like to suggest to add a party mode to volumio.
Maybe a user based system, so that everyone can add titles to the current playlist (maybe with some basic rules to prevent a messed up playlist with just one title).
Titles are being added after the current song or at the end of the Playlist (configurable). Theres always one “admin” user who is the only one who’s able to delete songs from the playlist.


Nice idea, can you please add it as an issue on Github?

That way we keep track of it.

I’m looking for something like this also.
It was suggested, as recommended, on GitHub but closed due to it being ‘quite hard to implement’.
I would be nice to have the same UI but without the settings bar down the right-hand side. So users/party guests are unable to make any system changes. Surely this is just a duplicate UI page with some CSS changes?

Also, have the option to choose (or switch) which ‘user’ you are (admin or guest) when the iOS or Android app is opened.


Maybe the open source project Festify might help in developing this functionality. See their github page.

PS: You can use Festify with Volumio… Just install the volspotconnect plugin, run Festify on your laptop/desktop and use a different device in Spotify for playback (i.e. your Volumio instance).

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Some confusion on “Partymode”… LOL